Sports Sunday on FOX25 with Butch Stearns opened with Butch claiming he was robbed and actually it was he himself who scored the first TD at CMGI. (In the Media game) Sox highlights from today…(Butch says he believes Tony Clark was put here for a special purpose) Stearns had Giambi scoring the tying run on the Nixon error. Well, Giambi got the leadoff hit, but was run for by Enrique Wilson. Quote from new Yankee pitcher Jeff Weaver saying he “pitched like he had to” today. Whatever. Next highlights were from the British Open. Celtics news…Jim O’Brien on Sundov: “He’s a hell of a three point shooter.” (He’s never made a three-pointer in the NBA) Chris Wallace says it’ll be tough to re-sign Rodney Rogers. He’d like to stay here, but they’re confined cap wise. He wouldn’t discuss a Vin Baker trade.

NASCAR led off the next segment, drivers complained about the new surface at the NHIS. Levan Reid sat down with Dale Earnhardt Jr. earlier in the week for “Reid between the lines”, and asked him about dealing with popularity, he learned alot from his father, he gave him some good guidelines. He said the racing after a couple years ages you quick. His passion is being in the car, he’s most comfortable on race day, getting into the car. He feels really good about what he does on Sunday.

The next segment was about the impending MLB strike. A look at the issues, Rob Nikoleski ran quotes from Nomar, Selig and sat down with Andrew Zimbalist, who is an expert in the situation. They looked at the differences in team income over the years, then ran quotes from John Burkett saying teams with low revenues can win, look at the Twins. Zimbalist said every year there might be one or two surprise teams, but consistently, it’s not the case, he puts the possibility of a strike at 50/50. Footage of Bob Ryan was run, talking about teams that will never recover from another work stoppage, Zimbalist says if they can solve it quickly and fix things, fans will be forgiving. If there is an ugly, extended work stoppage, likely more damage to the game is inevitable.

“Last Blast” Segment. Another big series, but Yankees came out on top, however Stearns feels the Sox are closing the gap. The question from last week was about a Mo Vaughn return, Stearns was in favor of it, but the voters outnumbered him greatly in the other direction. The show closed with footage from the media game at CMGI. Showed the participants in the locker room before the game, going out onto the field, and game action most of it centered on Stearns of course, including his called-back touchdown. You saw Sheppard, Burton, Holley and Felger among others.

NECN’s Sports LateNight hosted by Chris Collins followed Red Sox highlights with updates from teams around the Sox in the Wild Card chase. The Angels win tonight and the A’s lost. They never did show the actual Wild Card standings, however. (Sox are now 1/2 game behind the Angels) Extensive British Open highlights were up next.

Tour De France and NASCAR were covered in the second segment. Also a story about a Ted Williams memorabilia collector Jack Polidoro, who also happened to have published a book “Project Samuel” six months ago about a scientist who was able to successfully clone….Ted Williams. Interesting. US Women’s soccer highlights were included in this segment as well.

Bill Burt was brought in studio to talk Red Sox. Collins started off by pointing out Red Sox errors and mistakes by Burkett and Manny among others. Burt commented about them finding ways to lose. They’re a good team, not a great team, they’re missing something. The Red Sox are the dog that jumps out of the gate quick and then fades. Collins criticizes Offerman for attempting to steal third. Sure the Red Sox battled, and the came back, but they can’t finish. They don’t win games at the end. Oakland and the Angels are going to be really tough to beat out. Key pitching and Key hitting are the big issues. The team needs some leaders. Pedro isn’t a leader, it isn’t Nomar’s personality to do so either. Burt thinks the team is pretty far away from being a real contender.

Joe Amorosino hosted WHDH’s “Sports Extra” They had a short one-on-one with Kip Lewis interviewing Chris Wallace…asked any possible way Rogers could return….He can’t rule anything out, but would call the C’s the underdog in the race. No comment on Vin Baker. With trades, the numbers are just as important as the basketball side. Their needs; coaches were happy with their center play, but can get better, point guard is a need, Kenny is in his last year of contract. Talked about Sundov, and thinks he’s ready for a breakout season. He’s very skilled for a 7-3 player. Their roundtable was Kip Lewis and “Paul from Revere”. Low budget night, it seems. Gary Gillis had a NASCAR segment later in the show, getting into a car, trying a simulated racing game.

Steve Burton hosted WBZ’s “Sports Final” Buckley, Shaughnessy and Pete Sheppard were the first roundtable, talking about the Red Sox. Nixon wasn’t upset about being lifted after the error, he was more upset at the errors. Shaughnessy disagreed with loading the bases, says your pitcher needs to be a strike machine to do that. Shaughnessy wishes a ball was hit, wanted to see what would happen with so many infielders. Trot was devastated after the game, Nomar and Daubach had to console him. He did talk today after the game, unlike many guys who lose a game. (“He’ll retract it all tomorrow, Sheppard interjected, his only contribution thus far, other than saying the error was “a joke”) Pete also showed good insight by saying Weaver was awful today. Buckley talked about Torre’s gaffes yesterday, not having a reliever available in the 8th yesterday. Possibly leading to Rivera’s injury. Shaughnessy called “that second baseman” the “next Hank Aaron.” A look at the Ted Williams festivities tomorrow, with Dr. Charles Steinberg followed, showing some of the preparations. Emphasizing this is not a memorial service, no eulogies will be given, not against Ted’s wishes at all. The Red Sox are following their “obligation by conscience” in doing this celebration. Shaughnessy hopes this thing doesn’t do a Hindenberg and fall flat. Buckley says the Sox have good intentions with this, it’s a celebration of Ted’s life, not a memorial. A Ted Williams rendition of “Casey at the bat” was read by William’s friend Dick Flavin. “Teddy’s at the bat”.

An update on the fight over William’s remains was in the next segment. A taped roundtable with Dan Roche, Bob Lobel and Harry Manion discussed the matter. Roche talked about how adamant Bobby-Jo and her husband were that they would not take money from John Henry to go along with the cryonics. He said there really weren’t any negotiations between the partie and that the meeting was icy.(!) Manion described how easy it would’ve been for Ted to change his will to include Cryonics. He never did that. Why is John Henry fighting this fight? Roche doesn’t know, waiting for something document, video to be produced, but he thinks John Henry “needs help” and cannot let go of his dad. Roche and Manion both think that the judge will rule that the body is returned, cremated and ashes spread as he requested. Roche feels bad as a human being for John Henry and Claudia. Manion doesn’t. Calls this all a “silly issue” disposing of remains.

Sports Final Overtime had a Bob Lobel sitdown with the father and sister of Lou Merloni. Lisa Merloni called it exciting, but nerve racking having her little brother playing for the Red Sox, she’s a third grade teacher and all the kids know him and Lou comes into the classroom to hand out awards and so forth. Lou’s dad, just shakes his head in wonderment every time he sees him playing for the Sox. His greatest moment was Lou homering in his first game at Fenway. They could not believe they were there, watching their own kind play on the field, and when he came up, Dad was hoping just for a sacrifice fly, but he hit it out. They’ve had to unlist their phone number, getting calls all times of night, girls asking if Lou can come to their party, it’s hard reading the paper when he doesn’t do well, or when people come up and ask why he struck out, or whatnot. Lisa can have a bad day and no one knows about it, Lou has a bad day, everyone knows. But this is the greatest ride ever. Always a surprise and disappointment when he gets sent down to Pawtucket. Lou brings players to meet his family, they’ve become friends with some of the players and their wives. Lou had his sisters come to New York for games and spoils them, they like that. That wrapped up the show.