Nick Cafardo , Michael Felger and Jim Donaldson all have stories on Bill Belichick’s film session for the media yesterday. The stories are little brief, but perhaps they have a longer feature planned for later on, but these stories just give us a tantalizing glimpse into the mind of the Patriots coach. Donaldson’s story is the best of the three. Felger additionally gives us a look at the tight end position for the Pats. Tom Curran gives an update on rookie signings, and has quotes from agent Brad Blank, who says the Patriots are the only team in the league that goes about signing their rookies the way they do.

Bob Hohler’s story on the Sox/Rays game yesterday is the most complete. Sean McAdam says the Sox are confident heading into the weekend series with the Yankees. He also writes about the Rays plunking Manny twice yesterday and looks at the history between the clubs. (I’m not going to say anything about the bold formatting…not a word..) Michael Silverman’s notebook also looks at the beanball wars, Pedro’s pitch count for tonight (he won’t be on one) and about he writes about the upcoming Yankee series. In Silverman’s notebook, he includes the line: “…and an eight-page reproduction of John Updike’s famous story, “Kid Bids Hub Fans Adieu.”” Actually, the title of the Updike story was “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu.” but who am I to talk? I can’t spell Rodney Rogers correctly… Meanwhile,Tony Massarotti says Tim Wakefield is valuable. (Some vacation down there, huh Tony? C’mon Maz, you’re capable of much better stuff than this…) Massarotti’s column on the Yankees series saying that the pressure is on the Yankees, is a bit better.

Shira Springer with a pair of Celtics articles. First on the signing of Bruno Sundov , and the waning possibility of Rodney Rogers returning and the second on JR Bremer and the summer league game from last night. Steve Bulpett gives more details about the possible Sonics trade mentioned in the Globe yesterday. He makes it sound like a very real possibility. A Seattle Times article says the deal could be completed by the weekend. (Wonder if their sources are more reliable than Butch Stearns’. Wasn’t that Jim Thome trade “All but a done deal”?)

Bill Griffith looks ahead to the weekend’s sports action on the airwaves. He also mentions that WWZN has received permission to change the direction of their signal to better serve listeners to the West and South. But as the Boston Radio Watch website says today, that will not help the signal at night.

Tom Keegan of the NY Post takes a nice shot at the Boston Sports Media towards the end of his column today, which is about the Red Sox new owners being cheap. The guy also says that Mo Vaughn is swinging the bat like the MVP he used to be. (!?)

FOX25 has Red Sox/Yankees tonight at 7:00 (And all weekend) TBS has Braves/Philles at 7:00. ESPN2 has Blazers/Jazz summer league hoops at 7:00. TNT has qualifying runs at the New England 300 at 3:00 this afternoon.