In between listening to the Red Sox game on WEEI, you could hear Eddie and the Jag man on WWZN interviewing Dom Dimaggio, remembering Ted. They also spoke to Carroll Hardy, who many know was the only person ever to pinch-hit for Ted Williams. Some will also recall that he pinch-hit for Yaz a few times in the first year of Yaz’s career. Today was the first time I ever heard that he had also pinch-hit for Roger Maris once. Looking it up quickly on google confirms it. He also played a season with the San Francisco 49ers and was in the Denver Bronco’s front office for 20 years. Quite an interesting life he’s had. I was unable to connect to WWZN for internet streaming this afternoon, and at least a few of you have e-mailed me to say the same.

A couple cringe-inducing moments from Eddie:

He says now whenever he goes to the freezer for some ice cubes, he thinks of Ted. He sees the leg of lamb in there and thinks of Ted.

They will be broadcasting from the NHIS tommorrow…apparently Dale Earnhardt Jr will be on, and Eddie asked Jageler if he should ask Jr if he considered having his dad frozen too.