Peter May chronicles details about a possible Celtics trade with the Sonics. Essentially Kenny Anderson and Vitaly for Vin Baker, perhaps some other cap fodder thrown in. May adds with the “Celtics apparently out of the Rodney Rogers hunt” Baker would be an excellent addition. Has May watched the NBA the last few years? At least the Globe is reporting on the Celtics. The Herald has no articles in its on-line edition.

Bob Ryan reports from the site of the upcoming British Open. I’m not much of a golf fan, but I would love to go to the British Open someday. The Globe has its special section on the British Open in the paper today.

Michael Felger reports that Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis will miss the beginning of Patriots Training Camp next week. Nick Cafardo has a more detailed account on the surgery that Weis had, and as you can imagine, this was a big topic on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan this morning. They had people call in about the surgery, one guy who’s girlfriend weighed 375lbs before she had the surgery, Lenny Clarke called to say he considered doing the surgery, but opted for diet and exercise.
Cafardo additionally reports on the signing status of many of the Patriots draft picks. Felger has his second in the series of positional reports. Today’s is on the Patriots Wide Receivers. Cafardo furthermore submits a mini-feature on former Pats nose guard Tim Goad, who now works on a NASCAR pit crew .

Michael Silverman reports on new Red Sox trade rumors, Tony Massarotti tells us Manny’s hot. Then he tells us Derek Lowe pitched good last night. Tony mentions the heat outside the dome down there. Perhaps it got to him as these were two pretty lame articles. Bob Hohler’s Red Sox notebook leads off with news that the tribute to Ted next Monday is far from being sold out. He adds news about the Brewers GM job possibly being filled by someone on the Red Sox payroll, and gives a Dustin Hermanson update.

Dennis and Callahan also had Dr. Charles Steinberg on this morning, (Larry Lucchino was supposed to be doing a weekly show on D&C, he’s been sending his lapdogs more and more recently…perhaps he’s not as media-friendly as all thought? The changes seem to happen at the last minute, too.) Steinberg talked some about the plans for the Ted Williams tribute. Yaz will speak, discuss what it was like to follow Ted. Of course Pesky, Dom Dimaggio and Nomar will speak. Also Tony Gwynn. Plenty of Ted audio clips will be shown so it can be like the speakers are responding to Ted’s thoughts. All three children have been invited, but they’re not interested in creating a sideshow. He talked about possible plans to expand the ticketed Fenway area out onto the street to include shops, more restrooms for women and families, and of course beer and sausage would be available out there. Opposition from the neighborhood is expected. They’re trying to enhance the experience for fans and of course increase revenue. An planned experiment of this concept is detailed in the Projo.

Dale and Neumy discussed a Herald report where Bobby-Jo says her father told her he was broke. They also read directly from his Will, which clearly says in article 1.2 No Funeral, no memorial service of any kind. Dale remarked that the Red Sox ceremonies next Monday go against Ted’s wishes and put them in the same position as John Henry Williams. A violation of Ted’s last wishes. They didn’t know about this previously, as the Will was just released in the last couple days. Dale says their intentions are good, but this is still a violation.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 12:15 today. ESPN has Diamondbacks/Rockies at 3:00. ESPN2 has Knicks/Nets summer league action at 2:00. At 7:00 on ESPN Classic, there is a Classic’s Vintage NBA show featuring former Celtic Dennis Johnson.