Am I the only one who turns down his speakers when the National Lumber commercial comes on WWZN? The one with everyone trying to sing the jingle?

Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson filled at the end for Dale and Neumy today who were at the WEEI Celebrity Classic golf tournament. There were numerous technical difficulties (constant signal cutting out, commercials in the middle of interviews, etc..), Gary & Greg were on towards the end with them to kill time .. also, Ted Sarandis, Big O, John Dennis, John Wallach were all there too and talked a bit on the air. On WWZN, Eddie Andelman continued his assault on Grady Little, who he says was separated at birth from Jimy Williams and who he compares for Forrest Gump. Dave Jageler did have a taped interview with Jim O’Brien, who said things like “I didn’t prepare much for the draft this year” and when asked about Rodney Rogers said “I don’t have anything to do with that, you need to get Chris Wallace on your show.” Eddie told Jageler at one point: “I think you’ve been watching Classical Sports”. A reference to ESPN Classic. Bill Simmons joined Sean McDonough on the afternoon show, broadcasting from the courtside of the Shaw Summer League. (The Kedrick Brown Invitational, Simmons has dubbed it.)