Gerry Callahan turns in a rare (these days) column. The basic premise is that Nomar’s comments about the players’ stance in the baseball labor situation are ridiculous. He rightly criticizes Nomar for them. Since the Celtics were eliminated, Callahan has produced a column about every two weeks. Yes, he has been on vacation some of that time. Karen Guregian weighs in with a short 442 word article saying the bullpen feels bad and is having a hard time. Thank you Karen. Don’t forget the postage. She does have a 688 word column saying that the Sox need a pitcher. She has a quote from Pedro that has a slight chide at the front office where he says “I thought we should have gotten (Bartolo) Colon.” She dismisses the idea of getting a hitter. The Sox need a pitcher AND a hitter. For the past three years this team, no matter who they add, has a problem getting the timely hit. Without another hitter in the lineup they’ll be cooked just as much as if they don’t get another pitcher. Art Martone confirms this, comparing the Sox ERA on June 8 when they were 40-17 and since then. You know what? It’s exactly the same. Dan Shaughnessy softshoes around the John Henry Williams issue and then relates some interesting pieces of conversations he had with Ted over the years, ones he taped and is now reviewing. (Another book on the way? Think about it, another reason to be close to John Henry and not rip him too much) The taped conversations mostly chronicle Ted’s declining health since 1994.

Steve Bulpett informs us that Paul Gaston and Rich Pond still will not budge and go over the luxury tax. Bruno Sundov might be in the fold as early as tomorrow. He also reports on their Shaw’s Summer league win over New Jersey last night. He and Shira Springer also both note that the team is bringing in widebody Oliver Miller for a look. Spinger’s piece has a little more detail about the game and who did what, and what Red thought of some of the players. Peter May chooses to write about George Karl and the Bucks. ESPN Insider is reporting that the Celtics have Free Agent guard (and former Celtic) Damon Jones in for a visit today.

Bill Griffith previews coverage of the British Open, which will be on ABC. It’s interesting to read how Europe is ahead of the US in Television technology and that the signals have to be “dumbed down” to be shown on our sets here in the US.

Bill Simmons answers e-mail, including questions about best in game dunk of all time, the Pats gettin’ screwed at the ESPY’s, Hoover dam and Groundhog Day.

A brief correction…apparently the print edition of the Herald on Sunday contained a brief piece about the Victor Green agreement with the Patriots. For some reason it did not appear in the on-line version. Thanks to Michael for letting me know this.

Somewhere Tommy Heinsohn is smiling. The NBA has fired Referee Dee Kantner, a frequent target of Tommy’s. An end-of-season ratings system ranked Kantner last among NBA Officials.

Webcasters from across the country have organized an event to rally support in Congress to overturn the ruling by the US Copyright Office that they must pay a music royalty rate based on the number of their listeners. Over 100 webcasting companies have been forced to shutdown streaming since the ruling, including WEEI parent Entercom. The event is next Monday, the 22nd. The site for the event has some good information and links to how you can assist in the effort. Since WEEI has ceased streaming, many thousands of Boston Sports fans no longer have the convenience of listening to the station.

NESN has Red Sox/Tigers at 2:00. ESPN2 has Celtics/Wizards Shaw’s Summer League action at 8:00. They also have Spurs/Magic at 2:00 this afternoon. ESPN has Diamondbacks/Giants at 3:00.