Ho-Hum A five game sweep of the “Syracuse Blue Jays” says Buckley. He says we should all be living in fear of a strike. OK, so the Jays didn’t put up much fight. Shaughnessy says sure, the Red Sox are beating on the redheaded stepchildren of the American league, but they’re 1-11 against the top National League clubs. Negative article, yes, but actually, a rather even-handed effort by Dan in this. No gratuitous shots at anyone or curse references.

What? Has that eager, intrepid young reporter Bob Ryan been taken off the Red Sox beat? We’re back to erstwhile news guy Bob Hohler? Too bad, I thought that Ryan kid might have a bright future in this business with his informative, flowing game stories and notebook columns of recent days.

Jim Baker gives us a nice bit on Tiger’s retiring broadcaster Ernie Harwell, making his final visit to Fenway this weekend. This guy is a legend. He called games for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Enough said. He has also been invited to do an inning of the All Star game Tuesday night on Fox. Bill Griffith meanwhile, looks ahead to tomorrow’s Pepsi 400 at Daytona.

Patriots.com looks at the Tight End position, the most added-to roster spot in the off-season.

Possible sign of the Apocalypse? Jerry Remy actually said he likes Eminem’s song “Without me”…

FOX25 has Red Sox/Tigers tonight (7:00) and throughout the weekend. (1:00 both days) TBS has Cubs/Braves at 7:30. ESPN has Dodgers/Cardinals at 8:00. On Saturday, ESPN Classic will be showing several NFL Films Super Bowl highlight packages from games played in New Orleans, including Patriots/Bears (2:00 PM) and Patriots/Packers (5:00) I believe the 6:30 show might be the recap of this years Patriots/Rams game. From 4:00-6:00 on Sunday, ESPN Classic will be showing the 1999 Home Run derby from Fenway. Sunday at 5:30 on ESPN, they will be showing the Patriots NFL Films yearbook from this Super Bowl winning season. (At 5:00 is the Rams yearbook, might be interesting to check their perspective of the Super Bowl)