OK…this was just too weird. In the first hour of the Big Show on WEEI, a couple of really far out conspiracy theories were floated by a caller, first that Joe Torre was picking Red Sox players for the All Star team to wear them out. Joke was made that Torre will put Urbina (named today to replace Pedro) in for a 3 inning save. Put him out of action for a few days. The other was a report in a Toronto paper about Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi…that perhaps he gave Mondesi to the Yankees so that they would bury the Red Sox in the standings and increase his own chances for the Red Sox GM job. Ironically, the first hour of the McDonough Group covered the exact same theories. Now, since the second one was reportedly in a Toronto paper, it being a topic is somewhat believable, though still slightly suspect, but for the first “theory”, that of Joe Torre looking to burn out Sox pitchers in the All Star is so far out there that either someone e-mailed it in, (I didn’t hear if they did or not) or someone at WWZN was listening to the Big Show and took it as a topic for their own show. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that an E-mailer tipped them off.