Celtics GM Chris Wallace appeared on the WEEI midday show. I came into in the middle of it, he was talking about Kedrick Brown, he is expected to make a big impact this coming year. This past year he had been starting in the middle of the season, sprained his ankle and then after two practices was back starting. When the trade for Rogers and Delk occurred, Kedrick’s season was basically over. There became an immediate need to play veterans “because the stakes were so high” and from that point on he didn’t play. He did gain an immeasurable amount of experience over the course of the season, mostly from guarding Paul Pierce everyday in practice. Quite a change, said Wallace, going from Junior College to going against Paul Pierce everyday for 7-8 months. Going to be a defensive stopper, being able to put some points on the board and help them athletically. Joe Forte needs to work on some PG skills, if he’s going to make it in the league he needs to be a 1/2 Point and 1/2 two-guard. He’ll be working on that over the summer and both of those guys will be in the Shaws summer league. The trade will only be considered an 100% success if they re-sign Rogers. They got an immediate short term boost out of it, but to push it over the top, he needs to be re-signed. He’s not sure what the competition for Rogers is going to be. There are about 16 teams in the same boat as the C’s with the luxury tax. But it only takes one team out there to push an offer out of reach. Kenny was a great surprise this year, great in the playoffs, timely offense, key steals, expects him to do the same this coming year because he’s had a taste of success and wants more. Jim O’Brien spent those years with Pitino watching, thinking about how he would do things when his time came and put those things into practice this year. The first thing he did when named coach was to get Walker and Pierce on his side. Ended the conversation raving about Caron Butler, he’ll be one the 3 most productive rookies this year.