Brought up for discussion on WWZN during the McDonough group today was a quote from an article that appeared in the Boston Metro paper today. The article was about Duquette and Kerrigan and their lives since their dismissal from the Red Sox. The section being discussed is:

“Duquette also had a testy relationship with the Boston media, which considered him arrogant and aloof. Reporters objected when he communicated with fans through the team’s Web site rather than give interviews. Duquette doesn’t regret that approach, even if it cost him goodwill in the end.

“Ted Williams had the same type of relationship with the Boston media,” Duquette said. “Do you think it was reflective of Ted Williams’s contribution to the Red Sox?”

McDonough and crew took this quote to mean that Duquette was comparing his own contributions to the Red Sox to those of Ted Williams. They then proceeded to mock Duquette. A caller to the program, “Lou” took umbrage with this view. He called and asked why they had to assume that Duquette was making that comparison, Lou said Dan was simply using Ted as the ultimate example of the mentality in the media of this area. When Williams played, the media often skewered him no matter what he did. Lou tried to make the point that the media always has to assume the worst when it comes to things like this, and can’t even consider otherwise. The usually affable McDonough became very defensive and argued that Lou was overexaggerating. Lou got some good shots in about McDonough claiming to be “raising the bar” and then behaving in this manner. They let him on for 9 minutes and McDonough thought that was good enough.

Carlos Baerga appeared on the show as well, his usual enthusiastic self. He’s always been that way, he says. At one point he didn’t think he’d be able to come back to the majors. It’s disappointing to see the dismantling of the Indians franchise like this. Bartolo Colon really did think he was coming to Boston. Cleveland wanted Hillenbrand, Nixon and Fossum in a trade for Thome. Urbina is a really a great guy, the fans may not know that, but he’s a very hard worker, always there early, and still coming back from major arm surgery, people sometimes forget that, but he’s back to throwing 95-96 again. Baerga is in the lineup tonight, at second base, a big challenge in facing Maddux. He’ll look to continue his success on the basepaths to pitchers who don’t pay attention to him.