Shea Hillenbrand came on WWZN this afternoon, doesn’t think too much about the All Star voting even though its overwhelming for a guy like him. Not considered one on the best players in the league.The Colon trade was pretty amazing he said, but they’ve got faith in their management to put the best team on the field. Jageler asked him about trade rumors involving himself, he said rather not play anywhere else, but you can’t control it. Asked if he’d prefer them to acquire pitching or hitting, Hillenbrand didn’t say either way, he likes the team they have now, and it’s not their decision. He likes the way Thome plays the game. Johnny Damon’s triple the other night was huge, he’s been an incredible addition to the team. Getting on base, his glove, he’s an incredible teammate. As for his own comfort level at third base, it’s a matter of stability, never played one position consistantly before, and he’s getting experience there. Facing Maddux, he grew up watching him, getting to face him is incredible, he’s always around the plate, and they need to take advantage of that. Need to do the small things. On Interleague play…it’s more difficult as a hitter not facing these pitchers, its tough. As for a day off, the rainout last night was perfect, the body does feel it playing day in and day out, nights like that help you to recover.