Papers bland again with the off day yesterday. I’ll say it again…papers need to plan for days like these and have some features lined up. Sports radio suffers as well. They resort to starting arguments to generate calls and support. Yesterday’s big show consisted mostly of cross-fire about the popularity of the World Cup Soccer matches. Would they get big ratings if they weren’t shown in the middle of the night? Ordway says no one is interested, if they were shown in prime time, the matches still would not be watched here. Felger and Larry Johnson argue that they would. Back and forth, back and forth, talk louder, talk over the other people when you’re losing the argument…the usual. This morning on D&C…more golf talk…Tiger better than Jack in his prime? If Mickelson played in the ’60’s and ’70’s would he have beaten Jack…D&C yelling at each other…can only take so much of this…

The poll on the page now is there for a little direction for this site. I’m slowly working on adding more to the site, to make it even more of a one stop shopping for what’s being said in the Boston Sports Media and some possibilities are listed in the poll. I would like to get a couple feature type articles a week on here, a more in-depth look at the issues of the week and personalities on the air and in print. I will have a feature with reader questions and feedback as well. Keep the e-mail coming, it’s great to get it all. Your thoughts, observations and criticism are very useful. I’m already developing “moles” that will further add to the value and readability of the site. Ok enough about that…

Thankfully, things will pick up in the sports world today. WWZN has a show this afternoon that promises to be a bit different from the usual Sports Talk radio scene that Boston area listeners have gotten used to over the years. Instead of the middle-aged or aging hosts that we’ve heard a million times and know where they’re going to take a topic, WWZN will have Mike Giardi, Bill Simmons and Michael Smith on from 3-7. Giardi will host the show for Sean McDonough, and as Simmons told me, the show will be a “tour de force”. The three of them are much younger than the other hosts in the market and can provide a voice closer to the fans who have come of age in the ’90’s. Giardi has promise as a host, though I think he occasionally falls into the “host must be negative to generate calls” mindset, which is the staple of the older hosts. (Last Friday as host of the show with Borges and Cafardo, Giardi said he thinks the Pats will be 8-8 and miss the playoffs this year…a good portion of the show was spent with Borges and Giardi putting down the Pats.) Eddie Andelman has a football Tuesday show today from 12-3 look for plenty of Patriots talk.

Mike Felger continued the Manny-bashing on NE Sports Tonight on FSNE yesterday. Greg Dickerson took him on head-to-head and challenged his canned statements about Manny. Felger even made the totally preposterous comparison of Manny resembling Terry Glenn as far as team chemistry and disruption. He used the stories about Manny asking to be put on the DL last year as his fodder for his arguments. Dickerson countered nicely with the testimony about Manny’s work ethic with his teammates and the Pawtucket players. Meanwhile Tom Curran and Gary Tanguay sat to the side and observed the fireworks.

A friend of mine asked if Dan Shaughnessy’s article today was serious. Well, he does mix in some interesting historical information with some ideas of his own…but the underlying topic is the one that should be of concern…it’s now well chronicled and circulated that the new Red Sox owners need to raise cash. With the success of the Father’s day festivities at Fenway, they’re going to explore other ways to use the park to raise money. These new owners have done some good things, made some needed changes, but if in the end, the Red Sox product suffers because the owners don’t have enough funds to compete with the like of the Yankees, then how is the sale, which was alleged to be rigged by Bud Selig, going to be viewed in Boston? All in all, not a bad effort by Dan. No bitter, personal attacks in there, no curse nonsense.

Bill Reynolds says we’re living in glory days for sports. Peter King yesterday ranked all 32 NFL team offseasons. Patriots were in at number nine for the moves they made. Looks like King will be on vacation up until the week training camps start, around July 22. Bill Simmons says the Tiger story isn’t really conducive to writing great articles.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Padres tonight at 10:00. (ATT3 in Western Mass) TBS has Braves and Tigers at 7:30. Also, on ESPN’s “Mohr Sports” at 8:00, Paul Pierce will be one of the guests. If you’ve got HBO, be sure to check out the show tonight ”:03 From Gold.” tonight at 10:00. If you’re not familiar with this story, I strongly encourage you to check it out. If you were heated over the NBA playoff officiating and “Conspiracy Theories”, the Kings/Lakers thing has nothing on this USA-USSR Gold medal match in 1972. Bob Ryan is among those interviewed on the show.