Slight change for the “young guns” on WWZN this afternoon, Giardi got called in at NECN and will not be hosting this afternoon. Dave Jageler will be the host. He’s young too, (Younger than Giardi actually) so maybe it can work out.

Dale and Neumy had pretty much a show full of hockey. Slow day in sports, so they turn to what they know best. With the Bruins announcing that Terry O’Reilly’s number 24 will be retired, that was a major topic for the show, memories of him, by callers and the hosts. Ray Bourque was a guest saying how firmly he believes O’Reilly’s number should be up there. Arnold and Neumeier also both talked about how wonderful all hockey players are (except for a very few jerks) they’re all friendly and considerate and kind and gracious etc etc etc. When having to interview athletes from other sports, especially the Red Sox, Neumeier said how they would ignore him, or give a flimsy excuse and that he said “and that’s just arrogance that’s what it is, pretentious, is what it is…” I wish Bob could hear just how whiny and yes, arrogant he sounded saying that. (Picture the Cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz saying that line, that’s what it sounded like) In the last segment, O’Reilly himself was on the show. He was very humble, saying that perhaps his banner should be hung slightly lower than those of Bourque, Orr, etc. He said he can’t even consider what it will be like to coach for the Rangers (He was just hired as an assistant this week) against the Bruins at the Fleet.

On the Big Show, it’s started out like a repeat of yesterday’s show. Arguing over the impact the World Cup is having. Pete Sheppard either has no idea how ratings numbers work, or he’s just playing stupid to make an argument for the show.

John Donovan on CNNSI has yet another article focusing on the Red Sox great start and this a new year, a new team and yet their fans fear a collapse. How original.