U.S. Open talk dominating the radio waves today. Pretty bland stuff overall. There was a little baseball talk mixed in, mostly about Derek Lowe and his new role as stopper. On WEEI, Ordway is confident the streaming audio will be back on sometime soon. Their website says no solution is anticipated this week, but it could be very soon. Michael Felger calls WEEI “bush league” for not having Internet Streaming and that it is a “joke”. He says WEEI cannot call itself big-time without it. Well, that might be true, but WFAN in New York and WIP in Philly don’t have internet streaming either. Word from Brighton is that WEEI is considering several pay for listen packages from $5 or $10 a month or perhaps $20 per year are being tossed around. The fact that WEEI hasn’t altered it’s homepage to remove the “listen live” link indicates that they believe the link may be active again in the near future.

Antoine Walker was on WWZN with Eddie and Ron Borges. Walker stated that the Celtics would not have gotten swept in the finals. He thinks they matched up better with the Lakers than the Nets did. This whole year was a learning experience for them. He especially learned the difference in the playoffs and that first playoff game with the crowd standing almost all the way through and going nuts, it was just a “wild atmosphere”. Antoine said that the team really needs off-season improvements from Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte, he has taken them around everywhere, been hanging out with them getting them ready. He expects Kedrick to make an impact next season and if he does, the team will be improved as well. Alot depends on him. As for Forte, he needs to makes changes, figure out if he’s going to be a better one or two guard. Antoine said hopefully he can make the transition to a point guard. He just needs to find his niche in the league. He’s got a lot of talent. He said Pitino is much better suited as a college coach.

After he hung up, Borges made the sincere-sounding comment: “Good guy there”. Rather un-Borges like.