Brad Faxon came on with D&C this morning to do a little post-U.S. Open wrapup. Doesn’t seem to be much admiration for Tiger as a person among his colleagues. Talking about Phil Mickelson, Faxon talked about what a great guy he is, he’s friendly and “He’s a human being” said Faxon, “unlike our champion here.” He talked about Tiger’s girlfriend, who used to be a nanny for one of the golfers on tour, and that she used to be real friendly and nice, and now she doesn’t talk to anyone anymore. Tiger’s camp walks around like they have blinders on, they don’t talk to anyone. “Maybe that’s what they think they need to do” Faxon said. Ya think…? Meanwhile Faxon and Greg Norman who were paired up, were tossing balls to the crowd and hamming it up and finished 66th and 59th, respectively. Since Faxon is a buddy of D&C, he wasn’t questioned about perhaps paying a bit more attention to his game like Tiger does. Faxon also mentioned about how Tiger had such a big gallery that they would trample down the rough and fairways for him and make his shots easier. He said that was a complaint by several players, Garcia being one of them.

Steve Buckley piles onto Manny a bit more. He says: “Manny caused much hand-wringing among Red Sox fans when he decided to begin rehabilitating his fractured finger from a wicker chair in South Beach.” and also “At this rate, Ramirez is a lock to be participating in Trot Nixon Bobblehead Night, slated for Saturday, Aug. 10, at McCoy.” Oh this stuff makes great copy. Any “hand-wringing” has been caused by journalists who can’t get Manny to talk to them, so they continue to ridicule and rip him in their writing.

Joe McDonald in the Providence Journal has a better take on Manny: “I’ll tell you what,” said Pawtucket pitcher Jamie Brewington. “His approach to the game is unbelievable. He’s here early and he does his work, and like Buddy [Bailey] said, hopefully guys can see that and take that and say that’s what it takes to be successful.” and then “the work ethic they have feasted their eyes on has woken them up.” A totally shocking article by Jim Donaldson, applauds Manny’s leadership and his actions with kids on Saturday. (Did Donaldson read the remarks here Friday and decide to change his act? Naah)

A bare night on the sports viewing scene. ESPN has Jimy Williams and the Astros playing the Brewers tonight at 8:00. ESPN2 has College World Series action at 8:00.