Peter Gammons made his weekly visit with the Big Show on WEEI this afternoon. He said a new stadium for the Sox is financially impossible. It’s possible to open up areas around the stadium for some expansion, the Mayor has said he is for closing off Yawkey Way and Landsdown street to traffic and making it cobblestoned. The Red Sox might move their office out of the park, to a nearby building, they won’t be touching the basic inside of the ballpark except to renovate. They’ll keep putting seats wherever they can. Ordway said maybe they’ll change the seats to face home plate. The future could be tough, in winter of 2004 Pedro and Nomar will be up for new contracts, there’s no farm system, they could turn into the Detroit Tigers in a few years. A 73-89 season could really drop revenue. Ordway said this isn’t the state to try to build a new stadium state won’t help, and the real estate is too costly. Gammons said they’ve looked at a land swap and were told it was impossible. They’ve made their decision to renovate and they’re going to go with it. McAdam said this sounds like a band-aid without addressing the long term questions. Gammons agreed. Gammons noted the new climate that this team has with the media though, cited Johnny Damon bringing back a sweater for Johnny Miller. Ordway asked about mid-season deals for pitching. Gammons said you’re not going to get a prime guy. Graeme Lloyd is available. Sox need a middle reliever, a lefty, they’d like a starter. Been told they can take on another contract if it’s a starter who can make a difference. Don’t want to trade Brad Baker. With the strike looming, contract dumping will be very popular.Fehr has drawn a line in the sand with the Luxury Tax. ESPN guys described listening to Fehr for three hours was like listening to Castro….Looks like a 8-10 day strike around Labor Day. John Harrington said there’s a 99% chance of a strike. NESN could end up being a national cable station but can’t rival the YES network in ad revenue.

Thoughts…Gammons is rarely right these days. He makes up rumors, (The whole Hampton to the Sox thing had its roots with Gammons) he has sold his soul to the devil. (New a member of the National media that loves all things NY) On ESPN, he seems to go out of his way to bash the Red Sox, just to appease everyone that thinks that because he’s a Boston guy, he’s partial to them. Once upon a time, Gammons’ Sunday “Notes” column was the best thing in any sports section. He still is perhaps more well-connected than anyone in the game, but is maybe spread too thin trying to cover all the MLB teams the way he used to with the Red Sox. Saying the Sox could be the Tigers in a few years is a Shaughnessy-like scaring the masses tactic.