Dale and Neumy spent a lot of time today talking about Roger Clemens, Pat Burns and Phil Jackson compared to Red Auerbach. They had Braves GM John Schuerholz on the program, after talking a little about the Red Sox start this season, they moved onto Tom Glavine, who is a Free Agent after this season. Schuerholz made no mention at all of trying to sign him now; their focus is on this season and trying to win this year. He said they’re going to wait and see what rules changes are perhaps instituted after the season, see what guidelines there are what costs involved in the industry before they can make big decisions like that. They do have a spot in their heart for Tommy they think he can still pitch and they hope to keep the team together for years to come. Asked if they worry when they make deals for players if the guys coming in are on steroids, he said they have very good scouting information they feel the know almost everything they need to know about players they acquire, so there aren’t many surprises, it would be easier with a testing mechanism. He said Red Sox fans travel well, but there are more NY fans in the stands when they come into town. Last question…asked what one thing could he changed about baseball, he answered without hesitation that he would institute one year contracts, similar to the NFL, where the players are basically paid for performance, put an end to the multi-year guaranteed contracts.

Meanwhile, on WWZN, Eddie along with Steve Burton were talking about fathers and having people call with memories of their fathers and ideas for gifts and so forth. He did get a bit of a scoop getting Pat Burns on the show. Just named Head Coach of the Devils today, he’s glad to be back in the league, nothing but good memories from Boston. He thinks this team can win and is really excited. Asked about why so long to get this job, Burns said he took a step back, waited, analyzed things before going for it. There’s a commitment to win there. The players are going to have to show accountability and show desire at all times. He’d love to take Bill Guerin away and get him on the Devils. He will consider asking Ray Bourque to come on as an assistant coach. Larry Robinson looks like he’ll stay on as an assistant as well.

Bill Simmons says just hold on a minute here with this Lakers dynasty stuff…