Pretty lame papers today. On days like today, where there is little news due to no local teams being in action last night, the papers should have feature articles lined up, ready to carry the day. They’re just lazy nowadays.

Steve Bulpett has Shaq and Magic talking about Paul Pierce. Shaq says the Celtics should’ve been in the finals if they hadn’t “went back to that Rick Pitino (expletive) defense”

Steve Buckley has some anecdotes from The Sports Museum’s anniversary party.

Bill Griffith goes inside the production of the NESN pre-game show. So that’s what he was doing at Fenway Wednesday when he was spotted by Larry Johnson of WEEI and mentioned on-air. Johnson: “Hey there’s Bill Griffith of Globe..the TV writer” Ordway then made some sarcastic comment about ratings numbers or whatnot and intimated that Griffith must be headed over the WWZN studios in Twins Souvenir shop.

WSKO-790 had former Red Sox phenom Sam Horn co-hosting it’s “Midday Meyhem” show, a regular appearance for Horn. Sam also played for a year at AAA with Manny Ramirez and will be heading down to McCoy Stadium to chat with Manny. Horn is pretty good. I don’t know why, but I never had him pegged for a broadcasting career after his playing days were over. He’s got the knowledge of someone who’s played the game for a long time, and is articulate enough to be more than just the “sidekick”…he led into a couple segments from commercials quite well. Wonder if he was considered for the the NESN job that Corsi got…

Marv Albert has been hired to replace Howard David on the CBS Radio Monday Night Football broadcasts. Will be interesting to hear Marv call football…do you get a YES!! after each first down? Touchdown? How will that work?

FOX25 has Red Sox/Braves tonight at 7:30 from Atlanta.(ATT3 in Western Mass) The game is also on TBS nationally. ESPN2 has College World Series action at 7:00

Tomorrow NBC has the U.S. Open coverage starting at 12:30. FOX has it’s national game of the week, either Cubs/White Sox or the one that everyone wants to see, Yankees/Mets. NESN and TBS will have the Red Sox and Braves at 7:30.

Sunday, the U.S. Open coverage continues on NBC at 1:30. Red Sox Braves at 1:00 on NESN and TBS and ESPN has Yankees/Mets at 8:00.