The newspapers/radio station alliances continue to grow and be made firm. WEEI now lists headlines from the Herald on its webpage. WWZN has segments throughout the day in which a 20/20 update guy will read from stories in the Globe sports section from that day. Tony Massarotti is the only truant in this arrangement as he hangs with the Globe guys at WWZN. Larry Johnson’s cartoons still appear in the Globe occasionally, but I don’t think he’s considered a Globe employee and is thus free to appear on WEEI.

Spent some time this morning listening to the creatively named “The Morning Show” on WWZN. This is the national morning show for the Sporting News radio network. Hosts are Doug Russell and Scott Wetzel. I usually always flip to them when D&C go to their “Headlines” segment. I can only stomach so much of Gerry Callahan calling for executions of scumbags…Anyway, “The Morning Show” does manage to stick to actual sports most of the time, though because the show is based in New York, many times it turns into a Yankee lovefest. Wetzel is a Red Sox fan, but the Sporting News website lists his favorite NFL team as the Miami Dolphins. Strange alliances. This morning they did have a call-in game segment in which they gaffed one of the questions. They were asking where the Air Force Academy is located, Wetzel gave the answer as Boulder, Colorado, when it is actually in Colorado Springs. Wetzel does say that if Clemens somehow weasels out of appearing this weekend at Shea, that that will be his legacy. He’ll be remembered for that more than all the other things he’s accomplished over the years. Wetzel is a Clemens hater, and makes for some entertaining banter on the show. There are quite a few Boston callers on the show. The show today did focus alot around Clemens, from the tiff with the Mets, to Roger’s exiting game six of the ’86 World Series to Boston’s view of him. Wetzel picks the Nets tonight because of the NBA conspiracy. Thinks the NBA will throw NBC a bone here and give them another game.

Michael Holley has a piece of Shaq today, as well as a Finals notes column. Guess Holley is the only columnist working these days at the Globe. Shaq gives some respect to Bill Russell in the article, while Holley examines the criticism leveled at Shaq over the years and says that tonight’s game four should be shown on the History Channel. If you didn’ have enough to worry about with the threat of an MLB strike in August, now word is coming out that the WNBA players are considering a strike…Jim Baker is disgusted that Marv Albert will make up to 3.8 Million a year with his new deal with TNT. Hey Jim, I should show you the e-mails that I get from people disgusted that you make money at all on your columns…(I must say though, that the title of your piece today was pretty clever) Steve Bulpett talks with Rick Fox and Brian Shaw about what it would’ve been like to have faced the Celtics in the finals. More irony…I click on the lead Red Sox story in the Herald, and one of the ads in the right hand column is for the book “At Fenway” by Dan Shaughnessy.

NESN has Red Sox Rockies tonight at 7:00. ESPN once again subjects us to the Braves at 7:00 taking on the Twins. They also have an afternoon game today at 1:00 with the Yankees and Diamondbacks. NBC has game four of the NBA Finals tonight at 9:00.