Bouncing around a bit…WEEI has Sean McAdam in for Dale Arnold today to go alongside Bob Neumeier. Most of the talk was either about the Red Sox or about Roger Clemens and whethers he’ll get into the batters box against the Mets this weekend. There were questions about Pedro. McAdam mentioned that an orthopedic surgeon he talked to said the just about all major league pitchers have fraying on their rotator cuffs, as Pedro does. What Pedro did in the offseason is what you need to do, stregthen the muscles around the cuff. He wouldn’t worry too much about the “soreness” Pedro has, because again, almost all pitchers have that. It’s more about Pedro learning to deal with his new limitations. When talking about Pedro not being taken care of last year, he cited Dan Duquette having Pedro make the start against the Yankees last September, “when they were 20-something games out”. McAdam isn’t usually given to hyperbole, but given that at the end of the season the Red Sox finished 13.5 games behind the Yankees, I don’t think they were *ever* 20 games back of the Yankees, especially in early September when Pedro made the start, doesn’t that just seem to be another attempt to slam Duquette again?

They had Red Sox Owner John Henry in for a chat. He thinks it’s interesting that this Red Sox team is built differently than the prototypical Fenway team and is also playing better away from Fenway than they are at home. Still exploring if they can renovate the current park. The biggest issue is they need more space. It’s not been ruled out yet that with renovations this building could be used for another thirty or fourty years. a new park is not always the answer as we’ve seen in a number of the new ballparks recently built. They’re projected to lose Nineteen million dollars, and they don’t want to do that every year. But not having the money is not something people should worry about right now. As far as a major deal at the trading deadline, they don’t really have things that other teams want. He said the Red Sox have been trading their prospects for established players and eventually you run into a problem when you do that. Henry acknowledges that a work stoppage would be devastating here. He can’t say much more than that he hopes cooler heads will prevail. He hoping they can avoid a confrontation. They took some risks in the draft this year with players with signability issues. They have their work cut out for them.

Meanwhile, Eddie Andelman had Dennis Drinkwater on giving analysis of the Red Sox. Ugh.

Tuned in at noon to’s “PFW in Progress” Internet radio show. The talked about the rings, they received theirs at a ceremony for the office workers yesterday. Mentioned the talk with Roman Phifer shown on the Patriots Video News, that while it was non-committal, it does appear Phifer will be back. Belichick has just had a sly smile when asked about it, and numbers 94 and 96 have been given out, but not the 95 Phifer wore last year. They found some incredible quotes by the Steelers in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today.

A sampling…

“We’re the hunted right now, to be honest with you,” (Safety Lee) Flowers said. “All teams right now are looking at how to beat the Steelers.”

“Consider wide receiver Hines Ward’s Tuesday take on (Herman) Moore possibly joining the team. After acknowledging Moore’s potential value as a leader and example-setter, Ward downplayed the need to add those qualities into the locker room mix. ‘It would be hard for Herman to come in and try to tell guys what to do,” Ward said. “He’s going to be a help, but, at the same time, we went to the Super Bowl without him.” (When was that, Hines?)

Everybody knows. Everybody knows who the hunted is. I’m not going to get into the logistics of why we’re the hunted, but New England knows. Ask (the Patriots), they know”

“We’re focused right now. It’s only June and we’re talking about New England. Somebody better look out. We’re ready, man, we’re ready”

PFW in Progress also said to watch for Pittsburgh’s Troy Edwards as a possible cut by the Steelers and pickup by the Pats.