Sports radio today is another mixed bag, no big topic dominating either station. WEEI has spent alot of time on the Red Sox. McAdam and Chris Collins join Ordway on the Big Show, and Collins think that the Sox should shut Pedro down and reserve him for the playoffs. McAdam says it’s more about Pedro finding comfort in pitching with his new limitations and that they need to keep trotting him out there to let him work it out and get back on track. On WWZN, Eddie spent much of his show talking football, and it appears Tuesdays will be football shows for the remainder of the off-season. Nick Cafardo joined Eddie and they had numerous football guests. Eddie went bombastic on all those who say the Patriots would’ve won all the same games and the SuperBowl with Drew Bledsoe as QB. (Inlcuding Cafardo) he compares those people to the supporters of Jimy Williams, and he asks them to look at the Astro’s record thus far this year as proof he was right about Jimy. He think’s Bledsoe is the nicest professional athlete he’s ever known, but that he doesn’t have “it”. Brady does. The McDonough group has Butch Sterns and Channel seven’s Joe Amorosino joining McDonough. They’re onto Red Sox talk and Gordon Edes stopped in to talk a little Pedro as well.

Mike Hampton was on WWZN, asked about a possible “audition” tomorrow night, he didn’t really downplay it, said you never know in this game. He mentioned he’s actually pitched better at Coors field then on the road this season. He said he’s got to be selfish and get himself straightened out and worry about himself and maybe “those other things” will take care of themselves. He said he’s going to step it up and has confidence that he’ll straightened it out. He probably won’t be hitting for himself tomorrow night, he enjoys hitting, but the big thing is about winning, so he wouldn’t object to a move to the right AL situation. Asked about the “humidor” balls being used at Coors, he confessed that he’s never noticed a difference and didn’t even know about it until three months into the season. More about the Boston possibility, he has heard it out there, doesn’t know if it’s a just speculation or what, but Boston has a real good situation here.