Bill Simmons talks in an article for ESPN the Magazine about the rejuvenation of Boston sports. In the same issue, Scott Burton says Boston fans are self-possessed, and he’s sick of it.

If you tune to WEEI this afternoon, expect plenty of ribbing and banter around the new book “There’s no expiration date on dreams” about Tom Brady. Pete Sheppard is quoted extensively in this book and some of the things he has to say are…well, subject to ridicule by his colleagues there at the station. He fawns over Brady endlessly and describes falling to his knees at the end of the SuperBowl, crying, saying he knows he shouldn’t have as a journalist…but couldn’t help himself. That’s just a taste..there’s much more, which I’m sure will be shared over the course of the show. They’re expected to have Nomar and Larry Walker on this afternoon as well.

Globe writer Michael Smith is only 22 years old? He’s on WWZN this afternoon and Sean McDonough asked the ages of Simmons (31) and Smith because he felt old compared to them.