Jim Donaldson is a day late and a dollar short with his story this morning. Jim, your story would have been much more effective yesterday…when the Sox were on a 5 game home losing streak. You don’t write it after a win…Nick Cafardo and Michael Felger write the same opening and also talk about weapons. Jim Baker gives a quick recap of the weekends events. Steve Buckley extends a nice welcome to Juan Diaz. Dan Shaughnessy is not negative today, and attempts a feel-good piece with a comparision between Derek Lowe and Tom Brady. (Brady played at Michigan, Lowe is from Michigan, they’re both blonde…feel the goosebumps yet?) After yesterday suggesting that perhaps Manny had been dogging it in his rehab, today Gordon Edes says Manny’s comeback is on an “accelerated schedule.”

An uncomfirmed story has Rockies reliever Todd Jones putting up some signage in the bullpen last night for the fans…

FOX25 has Red Sox/Rockies tonight at 7:00. (AT&T3 in Western Mass) TBS has Braves/Twins at 8:00.