Just a couple quickie notes on the Red Sox broadcast tonight. Matt Damon…smart, only stayed in the booth one inning…Jerry Remy doesn’t like NBC’s Jim Gray and if Gray ever tried to interview him, he’d walk away…”Extra Innings”, well, how do I put this, sometime time look at Bob Rodgers’ head compared to Jim Corsi’s. Trust me, just go ahead and look sometime. I don’t know if it’s the camera angle, or how they’re sitting, but Rodger’s head looks twice as big as Corsi’s. It is unreal. I’m really not trying to be meanspirited, I was just sitting here and it just stood out starkly to me. I don’t normally notice these type of things…Lou Merloni was on the show, he was engaging and funny, poking fun at Nomar’s soccer mania and having Matt Damon wear his jersey to throw out the first pitch as a dig at Ben Affleck.