The topics on WEEI were varied. Red Sox, Tyson/Lewis, a couple Belmont calls, a few more complaints about Ben Affleck’s stint in the booth in Toronto, but the most intense topic, which seemed to take over much of the last hour of Dale and Neumy involved Matt Damon. (Not Johnny) It seems Matt is to throw out the first pitch for tonight’s game with the Rockies. The outcry arises from his endorsement of an ad back in October and November for the American Friends Service Committee, which endorses diplomatic solutions to the terrorist acts of Sept 11. The timing of Damon’s appearance is curious as yesterday the Red Sox honored a veteran before the game. Some callers were outraged once this all came out on the show, one saying that if Damon throws the pitch tonight, he will never spend a dollar on the Red Sox again.

Flash guy John Wallach had a little PC miscue as well, reporting in the 1:00 PM flash that in World cup action that the “Poland team got killed….err…beaten badly today” by Portugal 4-0.