Looking at the recorded version of Channel Seven’s “SportsExtra” … Tony Mazz and Jackie MacMullen in studio for a chat. Pedro was the topic, of course. They both think alot of Pedro’s troubles are mentally dealing with any aches or pains. They also had yet another interview with Dan Duquette. He used the antique car story again, he talked about Clemens…he says he believes Roger wasn’t giving his best the last few years here. That they had talked to Roger about the need to increase his fitness level once he got past a certain age, Roger was reluctant to follow that course while here, once he left, he followed in and has gone on to do the things he had to do to “continue a magnificent hall of fame career”. With Vaughn it was a question of “distribution of resources”. The knock on the farm system is “a lot of bunk” Nomar, Shea, Trot, Fossum are products of the system and they got Pedro and Urbina through trades for minor leaguers. He doesn’t have much patience for those who say the Red Sox farm system isn’t productive. Talked more about the Duquette Sports Academy.