FSNE’s “New England Sports Tonight” was broadcast from Fenway Park tonight and Steve Lyons was a guest. Talk naturally turned to the steroid issue, and Lyons didn’t believe the 50% figure put out there by Caminiti and Canseco, he remarked that when he played he generally knew of one or two players each year that were on them. He thought by now it would likely only be three or four players per team. Buckley joined the cast soon after and voiced his dislike of interleague play. In the discussion it was said it spoils the World Series, the mystery of having two leagues with teams that haven’t played each other all year is much better.

FOX25 was busy tonight, they had the Red Sox loss to Arizona, and then on the newscast they had an interview with Dan Duquette. He is proud to have been the architect of the team. Compared his getting fired to an antique car you spent time restoring, got it running right and then had it stolen on you. His biggest regret is not having beaten the Yankees. His time is now focused on the 100 acre Dan Duquette sports academy. It will have four baseball fields and two basketball courts as well as many other training facilities. He loved working for the Red Sox, never had a bad day in baseball. After the Duquette feature was a story on Jackie Robinson’s tryout at Fenway with the Red Sox in 1945. A city councilman “Izzy” Muchnick pressured Tom Yawkey into giving three African-American players a tryout. The Red Sox needed the vote of the council in order to get approval to play on Sundays. Shaughnessy appeared talking about some of Yawkey’s advisors who were not open-minded and were resistant to the idea of minorities on the field or in the dugout. The tryout was arranged and went well, except for a racial slur shouted that seemed to come from near the executive area. The players never heard back after the tryout. Peter Gammons said the whole tryout was a ruse. The segment concluded by saying the Sox could’ve signed Willie Mays a couple years later, but passed on that as well.

Patriots.com has day two of mini-camp well covered. Another edition of Patriots video news. The segment is sharp in the tiny format, pretty good at double size and even decently viewable full screen. There is also an audio recording of coach Belichick’s press conference as well as a text transcript of it. There is also two articles, one discussing the new offensive weapons and the second measuring the progress made in day two.