A little more action in the papers today, with a few big events this weekend on TV, as well as the Patriots holding their only mandatory mini-camp of the offseason. Jackie MacMullan has a piece on Tom Brady, which, though doesn’t come out and take shots at Brady, the overall tone I thought was still disapproving. She doesn’t really mention the work Brady has put in over the offseason, other to mention that his teammates say he’s put on five pounds of muscle. Cafardo had mentioned yesterday that Brady has broken NFL rules by spending so much time working at the facilities. MacMullan basically says that Brady has a lot to prove, (which he does) and talks mostly about his offseason public sightings. This piece is not a trashing of Brady, but I thought it still has a negative, disapproving tone to it.

Ron Borges has an interesting article on a particularly shady character that seems to have attached himself to Mike Tyson.

Over at the Herald, Michael Felger reports on the Patriots mini-camp but makes a mistake in one of his statements. He reports that Brandon Mitchell left the Patriots for the Houston Texans. Mitchell actually signed with the Seattle Seahawks in the offseason. There are a few other ex-Patriots with the Texans, but Mitchell is not one of them. Meanwhile, Steve Buckley says that once the playoffs start, Derek Lowe should be the number one starter. Some stirring the pot by Buck, and a tad premature besides. Gotta make the playoffs first, and also worry about the workstoppage. Rico Petrocelli on WEEI with Ted Sarandis last night stated he doesn’t think the players are stupid enough to strike.

Patriots.com has a nice seven minute video report from mini-camp yesterday. The Patriots receive their Super Bowl Rings on Sunday night, Patriots.com says it will have the first pictures and details of the rings once they’re handed out.

Surfing around last night landed on the “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” while David Stern joined them. He of course denied a conspiracy, but did say the play where a King player fouled a Laker (Kobe) “with his chin” was a “terrible call”. He said that the officials all get reviewed anonymously by the coaches and GM’s of the league during the offseason. He said it’s a good system for evaluation. He did not mention, of course what is done with those evaluations. Stephen A. Smith asked Stern if he agreed that someone watching the circumstances of some of these games, Game Six Lakers/Kings specifically, could at least get the impression that the game was fixed. Stern danced a little, but did admit that he understood that someone could get that impression. Dave’s Sporting News continues to collect information on this subject. Be sure to check out the link to a Darren Rovell column on ESPN.com that reaffirms the “big markets win” theory.

FOX25 has the Red Sox and World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks tonight at 7:00. (AT&T3 in Western Massachusetts) They will also carry tomorrow’s Pedro-Schilling matchup at 1:00 with the Fox National Broadcast team. Also watch for an interesting segment on the FOX25 news after the game tonight on Jackie Robinson’s Fenway tryout. NESN will carry Sunday’s game at 1:00. NBC has the NBA finals tonight at 9:00 and Sunday at 8:30. NBC also has the Belmont Stakes Saturday at 5:00 as War Emblem goes for the Triple Crown. The Lewis-Tyson fight is on pay-per-view tomorrow night. ESPN will have pre and post fight coverage. ABC will have Stanley Cup Finals game three Saturday night at 8:00. Other offerings…Braves baseball on TBS, (Tonight and Tomorrow, 8:00) and ESPN (Sunday 8:00) World Cup soccer overnights on ESPN2 and Univision. (US plays South Korea Monday morning at 2:30), NFL Europe, (Saturday 1:00 PM FSNE) and Arena League Football. (Sunday 4:30 TNN)