Nothing in the papers today even worth highlighting. Things are that dull right now. It’s startling that Stan Grossfeld has emerged as the best feature writer at the Globe…he’s a photographer, as far as I know. Got some great writing skills too, his two features have had a narrative that just made you keep reading. Looking forward to more of his work. The topic of his article yesterday on Dan Duquette is still hot in sports radio. This morning on WSKO, Sean McAdam was asked about it, and he said that concerning his firing, Duquette is “not letting it go”. McAdam also made the statement that it seems unemployment seems to have loosened Dan up a little and that he is “not as drab”. That’s a pretty ironic statement from McAdam, whose own tone is right up there with Duquette on the Drone-O-Meter.

Larry Lucchino made his weekly visit with D&C this morning: Callahan started right off by asking him about Duquette’s statement about being under .500 lifetime. Lucchino kind of laughed if off and made some reference to his record back to 1980 is over .500. He did acknowledge that he read the Grossfeld article. Asked about Duquette being in the employee dining room, Larry didn’t know about it, but it wasn’t inappropriate…alot of people go in there, press, scouts, visiting team members, Lucchino did joke that maybe Duquette was seeing some old friends in the media there. After Callahan persisted in trying to get Lucchino to talk more about the Duquette thing, Larry said that Duquette “Absolutely deserves some credit” for this team, Johnny Damon was a great pickup. Dennis asked about the Fenway Magic day…a father’s day event in which people can come in play catch on the field, watch the game on the scoreboard, an opportunity to reach out to the fans. They’ve got more things planned for the second half of the season. Dennis asked if the seats on top of the monster idea indicated that the team would be staying in Fenway. LL clarified by making the distinction between immediate improvements, (Dugout seats, monster seats concessions) and the exploration of long term renovation. A move or new park is quite aways away, so they’re trying to make Fenway more confortable in the meantime.

The talk turned the Steroids. LL said he had no clue Caminiti was on them in San Diego. They had suspicions that some players were on them. Now is a time for change, they need to follow the models set by the NFL and NBA. Other issues on the labor table: efforts to contain the escalation of player salaries, revenue sharing, a worldwide draft and the steroids and drug testing.

Took some questions from E-mailers, LL said he doesn’t like teams that rent players for the stretch drive. Very few actually make much difference anyway. He likes interleague play, but likes switching the teams around. Having the Expos come in every year gets old. He said in response to another e-mail question trying to stir up trouble on the Manny absence issue that getting Manny and Hermanson back will be great mid-season aquisitions. No promises were made about when Manny would be back with the team. Another E-mail question asked about ATM’s in Fenway…LL said more would be around in the second half of the season.

Wouldn’t pick a MVP player yet, but said Grady Little would be his MVP choice. He also credited the bench. In reference to Pedro, he said neither the doctor nor the manager are concerned about his health right now.

Sox finish up their four game trip to Detroit on NESN this afternoon at 2:00. ESPN has game two of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight at 8:00. World Cup Soccer continues on the overnight on ESPN2.