Sox GM Mike Port was on with D&C this morning on WEEI. He talked some about Johnny Damon, Duquette deserves credit for signing him, Damon wanted to be here, everyday he is positive and enthusiastic, he really enjoys the fans and playing on this team. Duquette and Lee Thomas deserve credit for Damon, Baerga and Sanchez. Port is not uncomfortable with Duquette hanging around the ballpark. He’s a little concerned about Pedro, but the upside is that he’s been able to finish games stronger than the starts. The dome was open in Toronto, the other night was cool in Detroit, perhaps he just needed to get going a bit. Port said the collective Red Sox mindset is to always be concerned about the worst. The questions probably won’t go away even after strong outings. Garces was trying to do what he thought was the right thing by not complaining about his hamsting injury. About Tony Clark, no one works harder to get things going again. Grady Little will try to continue to put guys in situations where they can succeed. Manny is due back in Boston tomorrow, should start light workouts. The key thing is to get the flexibility in the finger. Baerga has turned back the clock and is certainly capable of being a full time player again, but he’s too valuable on the bench. Port would be disappointed if there were Red Sox players on Steroids. Not surprised, but disappointed. He said this clubhouse has so many great leaders. He thinks there is an environment of unfairness with all the highlights everywhere now. Saturday will be a special day with Pedro facing Schilling.

Other time on D&C this morning was spent talking about The Shield as well as the Tyson-Lewis fight. They ran off a list of some of Mike’s expenses, which included $300,000.00 in lawn care and $400,000.00 for his pigeons. Only $200,000.00 in child support though.

Stan Grossfeld has another outstanding feature article in the Globe today. This one is on Dan Duquette and what he is up to these days. Some interesting moments captured in there, with the Duke’s reaction to his firing, his thoughts on Roger Clemens (he “basically took the last four years off here”) and a reaction by a sportswriter who spots him.–”What the [expletive] is he doing here?” (I’m sure whoever that was, they were always objective and fair when writing about Duquette.)

It was interesting seeing Shaughnessy sitting right in front of the blue “Boston Herald” banner on the set of “New England Sports Tonight” last night on FSNE.

NESN has Red Sox/Tigers tonight at 7:00, followed by Extra Innings. Derek Lowe pitching for Boston. NBC has game one of the NBA finals at 9:00. ESPN has Dodgers/Rockies at 3:00 and Mets/Braves at 7:00. Over on ESPN2, there is Cardinals/Reds at 7:00. Boston Braves player and manager Casey Stengel is profiled on a SportsCentury feature on ESPN Classic at 8:00 and 11:00.