In the Globe today, the paper’s Ombudsman reacts to readers fury over Dan Shaughnessy’s article last weekend in which he referred to Jose Offerman as a “piece of junk”. Shaughnessy and the Ombudsman basically plead that the wording was “inexact” and that Dan swears it wasn’t a personal attack on Offerman, as he doesn’t know him personally. Shaughnessy has dug himself a hole on this one, as when he was on FSNE’s New England Sports Tonight last week, he stated that if Offerman had spoken on the matter and tried to provide an explanation for the play, that he would not have used the term “piece of junk”. It appears it was a personal thing, and that Shaughnessy just went too far on this one, no matter what he and the Ombudsman might try to claim.

Peter King has his Monday Morning Quarterback column and spends most of it talking about his experience at Yankee Stadium yesterday and his daughter’s softball game with a few football notes thrown in. King is always readable, but he gives all Red Sox fans shivers with this Factoid of the Week: “The Red Sox have been in first place on June 3 each of the last three seasons and finished behind the Yankees each year.” Thanks Peter.