Butch Sterns on FOX25 Sports Sunday last night chided Boston fans in his “Last Blast” segment for their behavior in the Celtics series. He mentioned three items. The fans chanting “Wife beater” at Jason Kidd, a beer being dumped on Referee Steve Javie after a game and a report of two full beer cans being thrown out of a luxury box onto the court after the game six loss. There’s no defending some idiots. Throwing full cans of beer is dangerous and stupid. We’ll agree with Sterns on that one. As for the “Wife Beater” chant, just how was that untrue or unfair. As was discussed ad nauseum last week, Kidd brought this on himself when he spit on his wife and hit her. He then trots her and his kids out into the public spotlight in an unabashed attempt to improve his image and be a family man…and complains that people react to it? No Butch, the fans are perfectly justified in chanting whatever they want at someone who hits a woman. If it effects his wife and kids, HE brought it upon them, not the fans. As for the second item, the beer dumped on the official. The action was wrong. The frustration behind it was justified. Both Stephen A. Smith and David Aldridge had articles over the weekend about the dreadful officiating and the perception that the series are fixed. Think about the promo’s you’ve seen on the NBA playoff coverage on NBC. How many times did you see the clip of Jason Kidd hugging, kissing and caressing the Championship Trophy? How many times did you see Shaq and Kobe in ads? Did you see many Kings clips? How many Celtics clips were there? Is it a coincidence that New York and Los Angeles are the two biggest media markets in the country? Let’s leave it at that.

Also last night, on Channel 7’s “SportsExtra” Gerry Callahan and Glen Ordway were on and discussed the Celtics. Callahan maintains it’s a “loser mentality” to be happy with what the Celtics did this season. He said the hustle and effort that was there during the Philadelphia and Detroit series wasn’t there during this Nets series. Ordway disagreed, saying the Nets were just better than the Celtics. Jason Kidd’s play effects all his other teammates, more than Pierce and Walker do. Callahan also said that Pierce and Walker buckled under the pressure as well, they were “disappointing.” Addressing the summer, Ordway said he isn’t sure they can put together “as talented a roster as they had this year.” Might not be able to sign Rogers, will likely lose Strickland and Blount. Kenny Anderson can’t play like this again. They moved onto Red Sox talk, with Callahan beating up on media members going hysterical over the struggles of a middle relief pitcher (Rich Garces) he said this team has less problems than any other team. Ordway talked about the fact that the GM and Manager are talking about it, that they know it’s a major problem and will address it. They also talked about the overhyped steriods in baseball story. Callahan talking about Barry Bonds must be on steroids. He’s gained 50 lbs since his rookie year. Ordway suggested the only way they might be able to implement a ban and testing would be to give a grace period, a time for all to get off them before they start punishing ones who use them. Gene must’ve been tired by the end of the night as he mentioned upcoming interleague play and that the Sox would be hosting “Arizona and Carolina” at Fenway in coming games…(He meant Colorado)

I asked WWZN chief Mike Kellogg about his station’s future in Internet Streaming. His reply: “At this time we have no plans to stop streaming. I cannot predict what will happen down the road. It looks all clear from here right now.” In Bill Griffith’s column in the Globe yesterday, he had quotes from WEEI’s Jason Wolfe who said his “goal is to have the stream back on line as soon as possible.”

Yesterday in the Globe, Gordon Eades made the following statement: “the Sox’ failure to sign some notable draftees – Cardinals third baseman Albert Pujols and up-and-comer Mark Texeira of the Rangers, as well as Harvard righthander Ben Crockett last summer – cost former scouting director Wayne Britton his job.” It’s a little confusing, but Pujols was never drafted by the Red Sox. They negotiated with him as he was a foreign player to try to get his price down, but couldn’t come to an agreement. For Eades to say he was drafted by the Red Sox is inaccurate. They could have had him had they paid a little more, but he was never property of theirs.

Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox take on the Tigers in Detroit tonight at 7:00 on FOX25. (It’s also the backup game on ESPN) ESPN and TBS both have the Mets and Braves at 7:30. At 7:00 ESPN Classic will be reviewing the year 1984, which was a championship season for the Celtics. If you’re up in the middle of the night, you catch World Cup soccer on ESPN2.