Gerry Callahan shows that perhaps he isn’t so out of touch with reality by pulling no punches (no pun intended) in addressing the verbal “abuse” Jason Kidd and his family has been subjected to at the Fleetcenter. It was also a big topic on the Dennis and Callahan show, further emphasizing that Kidd has placed his wife and kids right into the spotlight, that they’re targets because he has put them front and center in his effort to put on the persona of a good “family man”. While certain fans behavior is despicible, Jason Kidd is ultimately responsible for the taunts and discomfort his family is going through right now. It’s because of HIS actions. An AP story published on has Kidd complaining about his treatment and how the fans in Boston should be more “classy”. Don’t send your family to the games, Jason, don’t make them public figures, targets by drunken fans by parading them out everywhere in front of any TV camera in the area.

Stan Grossfeld in the Globe today has a feature story on life in the Bullpen. The type of feature the Globe used to have all the time.

The Ben Affleck stint in the FOX25 booth Monday night was a topic on discussion on the talk circuit yesterday and continues to dominate today. Some players are reportedly upset by some of Affleck’s comments, while some fans just were annoyed that he was in there for five innings.

The Celtics and Nets game five from NJ can be seen on NBC tonight at 9:00. The Red Sox and Blue Jays from Toronto is on NESN at 7:00. ESPN has the Roger Clemens “SportsCentury” feature at 2:30 and game six of the NHL Western conference finals at 8:00. ESPN2 has a baseball doubleheader with the Cardinals and Jimy William’s Astros at 7:00 and the Diamondbacks and Giants at 10:00.