Jason Kidd has been the dominant topic on sports radio today. If you’re interested, The Smoking Gun has a copy of the police report from Kidd’s arrest last year. Bill Simmons called in to WWZN this afternoon, and says there wasn’t a group of people wearing shirts that said “Wife beater” on them, there was one person, painted in green and had it on his back. Simmons says this guy was embarrassed when he found out that Kidds wife was right there. He said some fans even bought TJ some soda and popcorn. He implied that she is lying about the attacks on TJ. He called her a self-promoter, and that she didn’t even know what the fans were chanting during the game, and had to ask a sportswriter after the game to find out it was “Wife Beater” Greg Dickerson on WEEI basically reported the same thing…that it wasn’t nearly as bad as it has been reported. Ron Borges acted all high and mighty and said he would never behave in such a manner, and certainly wouldn’t be an apologist for people who acted that way, which is what he implied Simmons was doing. Simmons lauded Callahan’s article in the Herald today, and Borges insists that it is not Kidds “fault that other people act like fools”. He derided this whole generation of fans who act this way, who do the Yankees chant. He said “Should this guy be flogged for the rest of his life?” Jackie MacMullan is “worried” about the Celtics chances the rest of the series.

Both stations have been playing the Hartford Whalers theme music over the past few weeks. It gets old quick.