Glen Ordway actually tried to lead his show in talking some Celtics this afternoon rather than Mike Hampton talk. Ordway says the Celtics should try to make Kidd score more, taking him out of the other things he can do. Try to slow down the game, making it a halfcourt slower paced game. Then they quickly moved onto Red Sox talk. Hampton, Derek Lowe, and the 30-11 start were the topics. Manny’s finger is also a mystery. There are suddenly all sorts of reports that he might need surgery, when the Red Sox haven’t even examined him a second time. Michael Felger showed his baseball ignorance by basically stating that Manny’s contract is worse than Hampton’s. Not even close, Felger. While they were talking about the finger, Pete Shepperd broke in and said “the medical term they used was ‘mitigate'” The word was actually “migrate” the doctors were concerned that the fracture might migrate…or spread further. He was quickly corrected and ridiculed.

Eddie Andleman on WWZN along with Nick Cafardo spent more time talking about the Celtics; he had Rod Thorn on at 2:30 and told him about remembering him play against the Celtics back in the 1960’s. Thorn talked about the many ways that Jason Kidd has helped out the Nets. Their biggest weaknesses were defense and rebounding, and Thorn said he is exceptional at both. Eddie asked him about coming in and facing the Red Auerbach Celtics and their home court advantage. Thorn talked about a time he was with the St. Louis Hawks, and they were dressing in the “locker room” and it was an open room with people walking by and looking in, and all they had was a nail in the wall to hang their clothes on as they dressed for the game.