Some pretty good interviews going on WEEI and WWZN at the same time. WEEI had Derek Lowe, who talked about his success and giving so much credit to Jason Varitek, who notices so many little things for all the pitchers, where their feet should be, what pitch to call, etc. The confidence of the Red Sox is high right now, they feel they are a very talented team. Grady Little trusts the pitchers to stay in the game longer. Something not allowed under the previous managers and pitching coaches.

On WWZN , Cedric Maxwell previewed game 2 tonight with the Nets. He was asked who he would take if he could take one player for the rest of the playoffs, Jason Kidd or Paul Pierce. Max said he would take Kidd, as he means more to his team, does more on the court and is in his prime. Pierce has alot more growing to do, and the two guards basically only have to score and play defense, while the point guard has so much more to do. Maxwell does expect a much better performance tonight from the Celtics.