FSNE’s Mike Gorman appeared on the WEEI midday show today, though disappointed that tonight is the last game for FSNE, he’s glad to say goodbye for the year with the Celtics still alive. He says “There was very little effort on the part of the C’s Sunday” This is so different from how the team has been all year long. He’s not sure NJ can play any better than they did Sunday, and with the proper intensity, they can take this one. The Celtics have shown they can beat Kidd and NJ in a close game during the season. The Celtics have been at the top of the league in fewest points allowed in the paint, and they should return to that form. Dale Arnold questioned Jim O’Brien’s habit of taking out players with 2 fouls in the first half, and Gorman commented that players need to learn to play in foul trouble. He said Paul still doesn’t get the calls that McGrady, Kobe and Kidd get, but that next year he won’t get those called on him. “I thought the game was decided when Pierce picked up his fourth foul and had to sit down and Jason Kidd took over the game.” said Gorman. He went on to add: “I think if the Celtics score 94 points tonight, they win this game” with the improvement in defense that should be shown. He noted the changearound in the NY press, before the series they were picking the Celtics, and saying that well, it’d still be a great season if they lose this series…but after game one, they’re all on the Net’s wagon. Gorman says he thinks the Nets cannot win in Boston. He “wouldn’t be surprised to see Walter McCarty in the ballgame tonight” not because he can guard Kidd, but to just try to keep him off the boards. Not let him get those boards and run. He doesn’t think the supporting players on NJ can play as well as they did Sunday. The biggest adjustment has to be on MacCulloch, and making sure he isn’t scoring layups down low. The Celtcs supporting cast has to play to the level they’ve been playing to during the playoffs, as only Pierce and Walker did anything in that game. He also mentioned that Tommy Heinsohn is layed up with a bad back and is “questionable” for tonight’s game. They think he’ll “gut it out” tonight.