An interview with Nets President Rod Thorn blissfully interupted the god-awful “headlines” segment on WEEI’s D&C program. Is there a worse segment on the radio then D&C’s Headlines? It’s simply a vehicle for them to spout venom at criminals and sound tough. Thorn talked about making the transition from the NBA League office, where he was the Dean of Discipline, to running an NBA team with a problem child. (Kenyon Martin) He said Martin’s first few flagrant punishments this season were deserved, but that after that, his punishment was given on reputation. Sure. He also mentioned officials from other teams giving him a hard time when he would complain about punishments. He noted also that games one and two at NJ are not yet sold out.

Thorn was followed by Celtics Player Personnel direction Leo Papile, who was humorous in talking about the “wimps” misbehaving at Detroit, in his earlier days he might’ve taken them out. Papile might be the most unusual Personnel guy in the NBA. He talked a little about Pitino and a conversation he had a few years ago. Pitino said this was going to be a hell of a team in a few years, but that he (Pitino) probably wouldn’t survive the rough times. A self-fulfilling prophecy. He mentioned the “system” they’ve set up, and some of the players they’ve discovered and brought through their system who are contributors in the league, Bruce Bowen, Adrian Griffin, Milt Palacio and Damon Jones were ones he mentioned. He wouldn’t talk about the Lakers this season, but said it might be something to enjoy for the next several years.

Gerry Callahan cranks out a decent article comparing the Celtics franchise with the Nets. Jim Donaldson compares Jim O’Brien to Rick Pitino. Dan Shaughnessy senses “Fehr” among Red Sox Fans and exploits it in his usual chicken little style. Has Shaughnessy been trolling the Boston teams Usenet Newsgroups? Both the Red Sox and Patriots groups have had threads on this very subject in the last few days.

FOX25 has Red Sox/Mariners from Fenway tonight at 7:00 in an otherwise slow sports night.