With Bob Neumeier out of town covering the Preakness, (Sat 5:30, NBC) Steve Bulpett stepped in and teamed with Dale Arnold. Good to get a basketball guy on the midday show. Dale went to the replay to confirm that Joe Forte was wearing a Scooby Doo sweater on the sidelines. Hard hitting journalistic research there. Having Bulpett on gives some nice insights into the Celtics including the time after a Washington game that O’Brien took aside Pierce and told him he needed to take more responsibility on the floor, which meant more shots.

Pat Croce appeared on the show and he loves Pierce and Walker, they’re great young guys who have taken leadership by the horns…also O’Brien is a Philly guy so he loves him, his ability to communicate, the little things he does. Croce’s only regret for getting out is missing out on resurrection of the Philly/Boston rivalry. Compared the Nets rise to your ugly little sister growing up, taking off the bad makeup and emerging as a beautyqueen. Also said it wasn’t just the injuries that derailed the Sixers this year, it was chemistry. Getting rid of guys like George Lynch was a mistake.

After a promising start, the show spent the last two hours basically just talking about Mariners star Ichiro Suzuki, not about his game, but why he gets to put “Ichiro” on his jersey rather than Suzuki.