Few more Peter Gammons notes, he was on WEEI this afternoon and thinks that the season will get played, but that there will be basically a Nuclear winter and Spring Training will not open next spring. He thinks the heads of each side have been going at it so long that it’s just impossible for them to come to an agreement. He suggested that the owners should huddle with NBA commish David Stern to get things straightened out. He said Sandy Alderson said that the player’s association is as arrogant today as the owners were in the early 1970’s. Gammons wonders when Lowe will hit hit “threshhold” like rookies do after pitching around 110 innings. Says Lowe is very strong, and that will help, but he’s an unknown. Commented on Rickey Henderson, that despite all his circus acts, he shows up early at the park everyday, and gives great credit to Grady Little for his interpersonal skills and how things don’t bother him. Fenway Park should always be a tremendous home field advantage, and this year it is, and the players notice it. Mike Sweeney of the Royals comments how lucky players are to play in this environment. Also thinks Tony Clark is close to breaking out, the last few games have been encouraging.

From Gammons’ Mailbag today, Gammons thinks that a reconciliation between the Red Sox and Roger Clemens is likely after Clemens playing days are over. The new owners would love to have him as a player, but the Yankees would never let that happen. Also he said some people think Jim Thome could end up with the Red Sox as a free agent next season.

Of course, if Nuclear Winter occurs….