While WEEI has well informed guests lined up to talk actual sports, mostly Celtics. (Though Neumeier is trying to get the audience to turn on Manny Ramirez for spending a few days in Florida before his rehab can start) on WWZN, Eddie Andelman is busy with Tony Maz promoting the Hot Dog Safari, and having guests like Mike Barnicle, talking about mowing lawns, complaining there isn’t much in the way of sports going on.

Peter Gammons must be smiling somewhere. He’s gotten more out of his totally made up trade of Manny Ramirez to Colorado then anything else he’s done recently. Callers to talk shows ask about it, it’s a feature at ESPN Insider, it even appeared as a question in his own mailbag. Instead of saying that he made it up, he commented on it by saying whether he thought each side would consider it. This is amazing.

Bill Simmons with another NBA playoff column, but he’s not ready to talk about the rejuvenated Celtics in here.