Ian Eagle, the Nets broadcaster was also on with Dale & Neumy this noontime, he gave his endorsement of Jason Kidd for MVP, he said Kenyon Martin will come out fired up, and will want to stop Walker’s gyrating on the court. He did say the Nets will really have no answer for Pierce and Walker, but that they aren’t worried about any of the other players. He said to watch for Aaron Williams to get more minutes this series to match up with Walker. Eagle marvels at the noise of the arena these days, sometimes he just takes his headset off and listens to the crowd. He thinks Boston should be favored in the series, despite NJ being the number one seed. He did say though that this is not the same Net team that lost 3 of 4 to the Celtics this season, he thinks they’ve matured and have been toughened by the playoffs thus far. Jason Kidd has been taking over games down the stretch. He does think Jim O’Brien should have gotten many more votes for coach of the year. Eagle thinks that both the Nets and Celtics can play with the Kings and that both could win at least one or two games against the Lakers.