Another big TV night last evening. Unusual that at times our teams were both on Local and National TV, giving 2 perspectives to each game. Good to hear Dick Stockton calling a Celtics playoff again. TNT’s postgame coverage was relatively brief before switching over to talking about the Iverson/Brown non-story. FSNE’s postgame with Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson was more extensive and covered several of the postgame interview sessions. Antoine Walker’s terse “next question” and “don’t care” in response to (I believe) NECN’s Chris Collins attempts to get him to talk about the post-game exchange with Cliff Robinson were smart on Walker’s part, and shows his increased smarts and savvy in dealing with the troublemaking Boston media. The Red Sox game was covered for a time on ESPN, before the late Stanley Cup game started. It was aired on ESPN2 nationally, but replaced locally. For the time it was on ESPN, Sox fans could hear the commentary of Tony Gwynn, a lifelong National Leaguer talk about the difference in the two leagues.

This morning, Dennis and Callahan were thankfully a bit more subdued and on target with their discussions of the Red Sox and Celtics. Larry Lucchino (A 12 day newlywed) did his weekly segment with D&C and had an interesting little anecdote about Joe DiMaggio. Callahan had just finished reading the controversial DiMaggio biography “A hero’s life” by Richard Ben Cramer, and noticed that Lucchino was credited in the book by Ben Cramer. Callahan asked him about it, Lucchino explained the connection and then after D&C begged him for a story, Lucchino mentioned DiMaggio