A totally ridiculous article by Jim Donaldson points out clearly that football guys should stick to football. Manny Ramirez is the target of this article, in which Donaldson says Manny will never be a champion, compares him to Randy Moss, says he needs to be more like Cal Ripken Jr. The New England media guys are all over Manny lately, accusing him of not always running out every ground ball 100%. Why this attack is coming on a team that is 23-7 and when Ramirez is having another monster year at the plate, is puzzling. For a guy that has had hamstring problems the last 2 years that have caused him to miss significant time, most people would rather have his bat in the lineup everyday rather than have him hurt the hamstring again. He’s likely concerned about injuring it again, and who can blame him? But Knights of the Keyboard like Donaldson have to play judge and tell professional athletes what it takes to win.