Been mentioned a couple times in the last day or so about the Baseball Hall of Fame cap issue, Peter Gammons brought it up again on the Big Show, stating for certain that Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs will be wearing Red Sox caps into the Hall of Fame. While this is a tired subject, in light of the Allen Iverson talk all day, it was a welcome relief. Perhaps no personality in the Boston Media can be more grating than Pete Shepperd when he gets going. His take on the Allen Iverson subject almost makes D&C look tame. Good thing he’s only the Flash guy. The funny thing is, apparently he’s a quiet, friendly, funny guy when he’s not on the air. Go figure.

Even WWZN got caught up in the Iverson talk with Steve Burton hosting the McDonough group, along with Ron Borges (yikes) and Mike Giardi. This is unbelievable. The Celtics are playing a critical playoff game tonight and both Sports Talk stations can only talk all day about Allen Iverson. Eddie Andelman had Tony Maz, and they mostly talked about the Nixon and Castillo suspensions.