Another day with all sorts of things happening. Celtics/Pistons game 3 from the Fleetcenter at 7:00 on FSNE.(TNT Nationally) Red Sox/Mariners at 10:00 on Fox25 (AT&T3 in Western Mass) Anticipation is building for the unveiling of CMGI field tomorrow night. The Globe has two separate media columns today, with Bill Griffith giving a profile of Celtics Radio analyst Cedric Maxwell, and Jim Greenidge with notes on the media digs at CMGI and other media notes. Jim Baker of the Herald weighs in with comments on the TNT coverage of the NBA playoffs.

Gerry Callahan thinks that the Celtics have a championship feel. Bob Ryan continues to crank out NBA columns in his lazarus-like rebirth, he breaks down the Celtics supporting cast.

On NECN’s Sports Late Night last night, there was a great preview of the ESPN Classic Mother’s day special, “Apple Pie” which airs Sunday at 7:30. Drew Bledsoe was one of the featured athletes, and it was a compelling clip. His father was also in studio for the show and talked about how weird it is going to be to root for the Bills. (He saw a helmet Drew had signed and said “We have to root for *that*?) There was behind the scenes information about how Drew and his family felt about Drew getting to come in during the AFC Championship Game against the Steelers. Drew’s wife was interviewed and when it happened she said “oh no, Tom’s hurt”…then she realized that Drew was going to be coming in, and she said the boys went wild for their dad.

Chris Wallace was on the Big Show this afternoon, and did confirm that Ben Wallace was all but a Celtic at one point. (Pitino nixed the deal) Nomar also appeared on the show from Seattle, mentioned that his wrist still isn’t exactly where he wants it to be. He’s just going out trying to be a part of this team. Last year was way blown out of proportion….that because they were losing, the media made a huge deal out of the supposed clubhouse illwill. Nomar likes what the new owners are doing, that they’re listening to suggestions to the players, trying to do things right.