A correction….the second game of

A correction….the second game of the Red Sox doubleheader today will also be on NESN. FOX25 needs to learn to update its website a little quicker.


Bledsoe Traded As stated here

Bledsoe Traded

As stated here Friday, Patriots.com appears to have first broken the story of Drew Bledsoe being traded to the Buffalo Bills.

Bledsoe traded
21 Apr 02 / by Fred Kirsch

The Patriots and Buffalo Bills have reached an agreement in the Drew Bledsoe negotiations.

The Patriots will receive the Bills first round pick in the 2003 draft for Bledsoe.

Bledsoe to the Bills speculation has been swirling for weeks with the Patriots adamant about receiving first round compensation in the 2002 draft and the Bills offering anything from a third round pick in 2002 to picks in the 2003 draft. Up to today, the Patriots were not willing to discuss anything short of 2002.

Now, with day one of the draft behind them, both sides seem to have softened their demands.

As of this posting, I don’t see this being reported elsewhere on the Web. ESPN hasn’t mentioned it in its draft coverage either. This follows the news that the Patriots traded up to select a QB in the 4th round.

It’s a clicker day for

It’s a clicker day for sure for Boston Sports fans. Celtics first playoff game in 7 years will start at 12:30 on NBC. A Red Sox doubleheader, the schedule for which, as best as I can tell is as follows, the first game will be on NESN at 2:00, and the nightcap on FOX25 at 8:00. The Bruins try to even their playoff series with Montreal with game 2 at 7:00 on UPN38. Meanwhile ESPN continues with coverage of the NFL draft. The Patriots at the moment have two picks in the upcoming 4th round and two more in the 5th round, as well as a seventh round selection.

Peter Vescey was on NBC

Peter Vescey was on NBC during halftime of the Nets/Pacers game, taking shots at Larry Bird. He was responding to comments made by Bird recently to the effect that the Pacers would have been better off hiring Rick Carlisle as head coach rather than Isaiah Thomas. Vescey cited the improvement of Al Harrington and Jermaine O’Neal as evidence that Isaiah has done a good job. This is ludicrous. Most NBA observers would likely tell you that the Pacers are in the playoffs despite Thomas. Carlisle has done an incredible job at Detroit with a less talented roster. Vescey is all wet here. Larry Bird knows more about basketball than Peter Vescey or any other writer.

Pats LT Matt Light was part of the ESPN draft coverage, serving on a panel with other rookies from the past season. He talked about what the new crop of rookies has to look forward to, including ribbing from veteran teammates about how much money they’re making.

Getting away from the Bledsoe

Getting away from the Bledsoe talk for a moment, Bill Simmons, the ESPN.com Page2 SportsGuy, has posted his NBA playoff preview. He predicts in his usual rambling style that it will be the Celtics and Lakers in the NBA finals. He is also co-hosting on the McDonough group on WWZN this afternoon. A history of the playoff battles between the Celtics and 76ers/Nationals can be found on eSports

WEEI and ESPN.com now reporting

WEEI and ESPN.com now reporting that the offer that the Patriots turned down, (rec’d by fax…perhaps the “not spoken” reference by John Dennis earlier) was a second round pick in the 2003 draft, with provisions that could make it a first round pick IF 1) Bledsoe started 12 games OR 2) The Bills make the playoffs.

Patriots.com issued the following release:

Patriots.com issued the following release:

Source: Bills sent offer for Bledsoe
19 Apr 02 / by Fred Kirsch

A source inside the Patriots organization confirmed that Personnel Director Scott Pioli has received an offer for Drew Bledsoe from the Buffalo Bills.

The offer involves draft picks for the 2003 season, and, according to the source, was not accepted since, “the Patriots organization is focused on the 2002 season and draft.”

More information on this story will be posted as it becomes available but at this time, it looks like Bledsoe will remain a Patriot, at least through this weekend’s draft.

“Dale and Neumy” had the

“Dale and Neumy” had the “Touchdown twins” on today to talk about the NFL draft and Drew Bledsoe trade scenarios. Peter King of CNN/SI appeared on WEEI at noon. King, who stated back in November that the Patriots would be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for Bledsoe, feels that Bledsoe will not be traded this weekend. King feels that the Bills will be a much improved team next year, he says a 9 win team. That would mean a pick from the Bills next year would not be all that valuable. He thinks the Raiders could step in with some interest after the draft if Bledsoe is still available. Not a whole lot of scoops or inside information in this session.

WEEI talk is hot this

WEEI talk is hot this morning with Drew Bledsoe trade talk. With so many rumors floating around the different media outlets today, we’ll try to keep you informed as to what people are saying. Chris Brown who is a Buffalo radio host said a few minutes ago on WEEI, the talk is the Bills offering their third round pick this year and a conditional next year. The Pats are asking for the 2nd round pick and a conditional next year, and are possibly trying to collect a couple picks to trade up in the first round and offer that improved first round pick with Bledsoe for the #4 overall pick.

NESN Sports Desk this morning was reporting simply that Bledsoe could be traded to Buffalo for a third round pick this year. No mention of conditional picks. Michael Felger and Nick Carfardo report on the trade talks in todays papers. Len Pasquarelli reports for ESPN.com. Site to keep an eye today include KFFL’s Hotwire and the Buffalo Bills and Patriots websites. Remember, Patriots.com was the first internet site to break the news that the Pats and Jets had agreed on compensation for Bill Belichick. It’s possible the same thing could happen today.

The Bruins are fortunate that the Bledsoe talks are taking up the headlines this morning.

The Red Sox will be on Fox 25 tonight at 8:00 PM. Pedro Martinez will the pitching for the Sox.