WEEI talk is hot this morning with Drew Bledsoe trade talk. With so many rumors floating around the different media outlets today, we’ll try to keep you informed as to what people are saying. Chris Brown who is a Buffalo radio host said a few minutes ago on WEEI, the talk is the Bills offering their third round pick this year and a conditional next year. The Pats are asking for the 2nd round pick and a conditional next year, and are possibly trying to collect a couple picks to trade up in the first round and offer that improved first round pick with Bledsoe for the #4 overall pick.

NESN Sports Desk this morning was reporting simply that Bledsoe could be traded to Buffalo for a third round pick this year. No mention of conditional picks. Michael Felger and Nick Carfardo report on the trade talks in todays papers. Len Pasquarelli reports for ESPN.com. Site to keep an eye today include KFFL’s Hotwire and the Buffalo Bills and Patriots websites. Remember, Patriots.com was the first internet site to break the news that the Pats and Jets had agreed on compensation for Bill Belichick. It’s possible the same thing could happen today.

The Bruins are fortunate that the Bledsoe talks are taking up the headlines this morning.

The Red Sox will be on Fox 25 tonight at 8:00 PM. Pedro Martinez will the pitching for the Sox.