Streaking Sox, Underdog Pats

The Red Sox continue to cruise along, winning their seventh in a row last night, behind a resurgent Clay Buchholz. The magic number to win the division sits at six games with ten to play. It is always satisfying to see cocksure loudmouths have to eat their words when it comes to the local teams, … Continue reading Streaking Sox, Underdog Pats


Just Like Old Times

A few thoughts and observations from last night and the last week or so. Games like last night are always so much fun. Whenever I see prediction sets like this: and this: and this: I have to smile. I bring these up, not because of any perceived "disrespect" being handed out, but … Continue reading Just Like Old Times

These Red Sox Sure Are Hateable Right Now

Just putting this here: The Red Sox have now won six in a row, including three on the road against Cleveland and Baltimore. That's Hall of Fame worthy analysis by the voice of Boston sports right there. John Dennis is gone. It certainly appears that the longtime morning co-host will not be returning to … Continue reading These Red Sox Sure Are Hateable Right Now

Let’s Get Something Straight: Dan Shaughnessy Is NOT a Hall of Famer.

No. Despite what you may have heard, Dan Shaughnessy was not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend. He was given the J.G. Taylor Spink Award, presented at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and will be recognized in the media exhibit at the Hall.  There is no induction, he has no plaque. That doesn't stop … Continue reading Let’s Get Something Straight: Dan Shaughnessy Is NOT a Hall of Famer.

Now What?

Kevin Durant would've been fun to watch here in Boston. Kevin Durant will be very fun to watch with the Warriors. The former Thunder star disappointed Boston fans when he announced yesterday that he was choosing to join the Golden State Warriors, a team that won a league record 73 games but lost in the … Continue reading Now What?