The Celtics got off to another slow start last night, managing only 7 points in the first quarter, trailing at one point 24-3. They never recovered, really.

The slow starts have been a bothersome trend as of late for the Celtics, and if they want to finally get that elusive first career playoff win for coach Brad Stevens, they’ll need to figure something out before Friday night.

In a sense, I’m glad sports radio doesn’t pay much attention to the Celtics. In that sense, it’s still untainted and pure from an enjoyment standpoint. There aren’t as many radio trolls pretending to be NBA experts – but I’m sure that can change.

The radio station web site writers are getting impatient:

You can hardly blame Brad Stevens for his team’s horrid shooting in Game 2, but the wunderkind coach now owns an 0-6 playoff record. At what point does that raise eyebrows?

Curt Schilling finds himself fending off another controversy, this time over material he shared on his Facebook page. He went on Dennis and Callahan/Minihane this morning to talk about it, and has responded on and other mediums. It’s just the latest incident for Schilling, who continues to burn through the mass amounts of goodwill he earned in helping the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series Championship. He seems to not care about his employment by ESPN, even though he needs the job.

Speaking of ESPN:


The Red Sox dropped another one last night, getting shut out by the Tampa Rays 3-0. Boston managed just a single hit in the game, and starter Joe Kelly left the game in the first inning with an injury, and Steve Buckley demands answers.

With Kelly going to the DL, Alex Speier notes that the rotation will now be even more of a gamble.



8 thoughts on “Celtics Abysmal In First, Now Down 0-2

  1. So Bruce….I am curious. How should we be looking at Brad Stevens and the Celtics. This is a team that two weeks ago knocked off Sacramento and yet they can’t get a win (I did not expect them to win the series) against Atlanta. It is clear that Stevens is a pretty good regular season coach and that his players like playing for him. The team seems to be putting out effort but they are not winning. So who should the fans be blaming. Danny for getting the horses yet? Sure. The players for not getting it done? Sure. The coach for not pushing the right buttons? Sure as well. They all deserve some blame and Atlanta deserves some credit. I just don’t understand what Stevens has accomplished that he should be given the benefit of the doubt and a pass. He is 0-6 in the playoff…actions have consequences.

    Speaking of which…can we start a John Farrell gets fired watch? And for the life of me I do not understand why Claude has a job. He used up his last amount of Cup good will about 3 weeks ago. Only BB should be getting a free pass. The rest of them…hold their feet to the fire so that maybe they accomplish something. Boston fans have gotten soft.


  2. I’m sure the Schilling stuff will dominate airwaves today. Irony? Tomase writing a post on how he deserves to be fired.

    Agree/disagree but a guy who really should have remained unemployed in media talking about someone who deserves to be fired..

    Albert Breer going to MMQB? Match made in heaven. I read something him and NFLN didn’t get along. I’d love to know more there. He fit right with the non-former NFL players there on terms of background. I still wonder how they afford the outfit, though.


    1. The hypocrisy over the bathroom debate has been listed on sites all over the internet (my personal fav is Bruce Springsteen cancelling an NC concert in protest while in Abu Dhabi a country that kills people when they are outed…in full disclosure I have seen Bruce north of 150 times starting at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel back in 1975 when he had left the Chicago tour…I was 8 years old and my dad snuck me in as he knew people….and I have more than 300 hours of Bruce boots including some old Steel Mill cassettes) and the fact that Schilling lost his job over his comments on Facebook make this case stupid bordering on inane.

      So if I were the powers that be at WEEI I would replace Mike Holley with Curt in the Car today if I could. He has to need the money and a show with Dale, Kurt and Jerry would be ratings gold. Dale would be the voice of reason, Curt the Steelers fan would be provocative during football season and fascinating during baseball season. Jerry would have fanboys mark out moments daily. It would be great radio for at least a year or two.


      1. I wondered if FOX or Entercom were first to call Schilling’s agent. I doubt MLBN wants to touch him.

        He makes for interesting radio, that’s for sure. In the day and age of far too many Mike & Mike clones, he’d stand out. I don’t think his provocative style would sit well with Dale, though.


        1. Hey fellas, no one listens to ‘eei anymore. Thus the ratings. I realize this is a ‘pump the ‘eei tires’ site, but there’s a big world out there. And now you want to add another fired employee to ‘eei? Certainly fits their business model.


          1. I agree no one is listening to WEEI…so a move like Curt in the car is something that they should consider to get people to tune in. Desperate times…


  3. Or, Curt and the Big O/Zero could start an extraterrestrial radio program? Built in audience of at least one listener.


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